Stimulating Growth – top down or bottom up?

Tweet You may have seen this article published on Fresh Business Thinking or the Academy for Chief Executives blog. I’ve added it here to be able to refer to it. The Government is in the process of reducing the size of the public sector. In October central government learned of the cuts to be made […]

Hidden Expectations can Damage your Reputation

Tweet When Wayne Rooney left the field after one of England’s disappointing performances in the World Cup back in the summer, he made a remark – “Nice to see your own fans booing you. If that’s what loyal support is…” – that suggested that he really didn’t understand why the fans were expressing their disappointment […]

The Pursuit of Fairness

Tweet Originally published on Fresh Business Thinking earlier today. In the Election campaign that ended earlier this month, two of the three main Political Parties in the UK included the concept of fairness in their slogans. The Liberal Democrat manifesto talked of “change that works for you – building a fairer Britain”, and the Labour […]

Getting Social Media embedded in Business

Tweet Every significant new technology to reach the workplace has the same reactions. Some love it and propose it as the answer to everything (but you have to truly believe) and others see it as the thin end of the wedge and nothing but moral and financial ruin can come from it. Right now the […]

Cultivate your Network – Grow better business

Tweet This article was written for Fresh Business Thinking back in March 2009. Recent events brought it back to mind and I thought it would be worth adding here. ————————– During an interview for another article this week, it became clear to me that gardening is a good metaphor for networking and that they are […]

What’s your story?

Tweet Article first published in Fresh business Thinking on 10th September. Marketing materials within business have a tendency to develop tactically over time. To support their activity, businesses develop brochures, leaflets, postcards and other printed material. Online it is a given that most businesses now have a website. Press Releases and articles are used to […]

Virtual CEO Newsletter on Fresh Business Thinking

Tweet The September Virtual CEO Newsletter was published today on Fresh Business Thinking. It contains three articles by my friend and client Brian Chernett of The Academy for Chief Executives and one from me on Content Strategy. I’ll repost that article on here later, but for now here are the links to the articles – […]

Making a Business out of Networking

Tweet This article first appeared in Fresh Business Thinking on 13th August 2009. The idea of turning your need to network into a business is one that tempts many people but it is harder to do than it may appear. Many try and a few succeed. If you are considering networking as a business, here […]