The ‘shoe repair’ challenge

Tweet “The children with the holes in their shoes are the cobbler’s children” is a phrase that rings some bells with me. Alarm bells, as it happens. Let me explain. I’m a business writer and content strategist. I write a lot of material for clients as well as editing a blog for the Academy for […]

Renewing business plans

Tweet Whatever the size of your business, you have a finite capacity which is determined by the resources you have. There will be a limiting factor to how effectively that resource can be used. A manufacturer may be limited by machine capacity, a retailer by shelf space and a services company by human resource – […]

What’s your story?

Tweet Article first published in Fresh business Thinking on 10th September. Marketing materials within business have a tendency to develop tactically over time. To support their activity, businesses develop brochures, leaflets, postcards and other printed material. Online it is a given that most businesses now have a website. Press Releases and articles are used to […]