Politics and the English Language Revisited

Tweet Tonight, in Bristol, the leaders of the three main parties will debate on live television. We now know that the performance of each leader in the debate can change perceptions and may change the course of the election. I tweeted an audioboo by one of the BBC’s political correspondents, Chris Mason (@ChrisMasonBBC), on the […]

Looking Deeper to Generate Ideas

Tweet In a recent article, I wrote about the need for regular content in order to tell your story to the audiences that you need to inform and influence. We all know that writing regularly is very important but people often ask me – ‘how can you generate good content when you can’t think what […]

Virtual CEO Newsletter on Fresh Business Thinking

Tweet The September Virtual CEO Newsletter was published today on Fresh Business Thinking. It contains three articles by my friend and client Brian Chernett of The Academy for Chief Executives and one from me on Content Strategy. I’ll repost that article on here later, but for now here are the links to the articles – […]

A New Site is just the Start!

Tweet After what seems like an age (and probably is), I’ve finally got around to upgrading the Bizwords site. Now all I have to do is to populate it with compelling content. Now that is what I do for my clients so you’d imagine it would be easy for me to just do it. Would […]